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Naturaleza Humana (CD)

Naturaleza Humana (CD)

Juan J. Colomer
Naturaleza humana. Concerti for brass instruments and orchestra

Orquesta Ciudad de Granada / Luis González, trompeta / Javier Bonet, trompa / Spanish Brass Luur Metalls / José Luis Estellés, director

With this intriguing title (Human Nature), Verso takes us into the fascinating creative universe of Juan J. Colomer (Alcira, 1966). Prolific, and nationally and internationally recognised as composer and orchestrator, the maestro from Valencia offers a programme of symphonic works in this splendid recording in which the brass take an unmistakeable leading role. His extensive professional career and his clear command of orchestral masses take brilliant from in scores as substantial as Viñetas Sinfónicas (2001) or La Devota Lasciva for brass quintet and orchestra (2004), and of course the work which is the source of the title of this disc, Naturaleza Humana (2004), a profoundly inspired composition which opens with a first movement – “Febril” – of astonishing beauty.

The Granada City Orchestra, under the baton of José Luis Estellés, with the support of Luis González and Javier Bonet playing French horn, and the Spanish Brass Luur Metals, puts its name to what is unquestionably one of the year’s most outstanding discs.
  • Details

    Juan J. Colomer (1966):

    Viñetas sinfónicas 2001 [21:40]
    Para trompeta y orquesta
    01 I. Moderato [9:32]
    02 II. Andante [7:01]
    03 III. Molto Allegro [5:08]
    Luis González, trompeta

    Naturaleza humana 2004 [27:04]
    Para trompa, coro de trompas y orquesta
    04 I. Febril [10:57]
    05 II. Vacío [9:23]
    06 III. Exorcismo [6:45]
    Javier Bonet, trompa

    La devota lasciva 2004 [24:28]
    Para quinteto de metales y orquesta
    07 I. Deambular [8:55]
    08 II. Descubrir [8:33]
    09 III. Destapar [7:02]
    Spanish Brass Luur Metals, quinteto de metales

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